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    Friday, May 06, 2011
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    Wednesday, May 04, 2011
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    Thursday, March 24, 2011
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    Friday, March 18, 2011
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  3. Fred & Cherrie Rau on Hittin' The Road, Pt. 2
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Bad Link

Okay, when I put in the link to the Can-Am blog, it left off the "http" part, so it didn't work. Sorry!
Should have looked like this:


You might want to look for the entry, "BRP Unveils the Spyder 5" for an explanation of what's going on.

I will also be on the Can-Am Facebook page every few days. Go to Facebook, and "CanAmSpyder."


Moving To A New Location

This will be my final post to this blog. That is NOT a bad thing, really. It is just to avoid constant duplication of effort.
You see, BRP has started something called the "Spyder 5," of which I am a part. It is a professionally-produced and managed media campaign, built around five Spyder riders, who will each have their own blogs, videos and pages within the BRP Spyder website. Anything and everything I would have been putting up here, would be there on my part of the site. The address is:

The entire Spyder 5 website is not fully-active yet, though some of it is. Watch for constant enhancements and additions as the summer goes on.

I am currently posting there from Americade, plus on the Can-Am Spyder Facebook page.

When I started this site, it was only meant to be for six months, and is now over two years old. It has outlived its usefulness, but thanks for watching.
As always, any of you can reach me at fred@fredrau.com any time if you have any questions.

Hittin' The Road, Pt. 2

This is working out great so far. We already have three "Meet & Greets" set up for the first leg of our journey.
Here then is a map and itinerary for the second leg. See the first "Hittin' The Road" entry for details on how to contact us if your group, or even just yourself, wants to try to set up an encounter. This is going to be fun!

Monday, May 30 -- Angola, IN, meet with Chapter U, GWRRA
Tuesday, May 31 -- Angola to Barkleyville, PA
Wednesday, June 1 -- Through Allegheny Forest to Ithaca, NY
Thursday, June 2 -- Through Adirondacks to Lake George, NY

June 3 - 11 -- AMERICADE!!

Later I will start posting the return trip legs, which will include going to Maggie Valley, NC, June 16-19, for the National Spyder Gathering.

Hittin' The Road, Pt. 1

Trying something different here, and can only hope that it works. In the next several posts, I am including maps of a route, and not sure how well they will reproduce on the blog.
Several people have asked about the routing and scheduling for our next big road trip, so I thought I would try to put it all here on the blog. This entry is Part One - May 23-29. The idea is that if any of you want to try to meet up with us along the way, you can look at these maps and schedules, and contact one of us if you want to set up a meet.
Here's the approximate schedule for Part One:
May 23 - Hemet, CA, to Laughlin, NV
May 24 - Laughlin to Grants, NM
May 25 - Grants to Liberal, KS
May 26 - Liberal to Ft. Scott, KS
May 27 - Ft. Scott to Iowa City, IA
May 28 - Exploring the Amana Colonies near Iowa City
May 29 - Memorial Day Sunday, Brunch "Meet & Greet" at 10:00, Starved Rock Lodge, Oglesby, IL, south of Utica.
May 30 From Starved Rock to somewhere near South Bend, IN

All dates, routing, etc. are strictly approximate! I have a tendency to wander around on back roads if I see something interesting, and we could be delayed by bad weather, road construction, or just meeting some interesting people.
If you see anything on here that suggests we might be in your area, and want to try to set up a quick meet, lunch or whatever, email me at fred@fredrau.com or Cherrie at cee831@yahoo.com, and if we can work it into the schedule, we will try!
I will be posting later notices of other parts of the routing, which will last through around June 21.

Ultimate Playground

Last weekend, BRP's "Ultimate Playground" event came to Southern California, so we took a ride out to Irvine Lake to check it out. Free demo rides on Spyders, ATVs, and Seadoo personal watercraft and boats. Great way to spend the day, especially when I got to try out the 310-HP Seadoo jet boat. Holy cow!

Last Day

Sorry I'm so late getting the last day of this tour uploaded, but for some reason, my blog suddenly decided I was an "unauthorized user." Took several days to convince it otherwise, but here's the last entry on the Daytona Spyder Trek, and now we are planning something even bigger and better!

Homeward Bound

Finally dragging my ass out of a sickbed and getting caught up with the videos from the last few days of my Daytona Spyder Trek. One more after this...

OK to NM to AZ

Sorry you haven't heard from me in so long. Truth is, on the last two days of this trip, a couple of bad things happened. For one, my luck with the weather finally ran out, and I was riding through flash floods, hailstorms, high winds and freezing temps. Then, to make matters worse, I got sick. Picked up some kind of flu bug, and though I toughed it out to get home, once I arrived I literally collapsed into bed and didn't move for nearly five days. I am still just barely functional, but trying to get caught up on processing the videos and photos from those last three days. Here's the first of those...

Barber Museum 2

Here's Part Two of my visit to the awesome Barber Motorsports Museum...

Barber Museum 1

On my way home from Daytona, I decided to make a little 300-mile detour north to Birmingham, Alabama, in hopes of visiting the famous Barber Motorsports Museum, and boy, am I glad I did! The world's greatest collection of antique, classic and vintage motorcycles, all in one place. I took about four hours of video, but even after editing, it was still nearly 25 minutes long, so I've broken it into two parts. Here's the first.